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Pressotherapy Body Slimming Massage Lymphatic Drainage Machine Spa 1 to 7 Levels

Air Pressure Slimming Suit Pressotherapy Body Contouring Weight Loss Spa Machine Working Principle This System Combines Functions of Far-infrared Ray Heating and Airpressure Massage Therapy. Airpressure Therapy Is Also Called Pressotherapy That Aims to Massage the Whole Body so That to Promote Blood Circulation? Eliminate Body Muscle Tiredness? Tighten Skin and Improve Body Metabolism. Far […]

Vibrating Cellulite Machine Fitness Vibration Body Massage G5 Slimming Machine

Description The characteristics of new design, soft fitting device, efficiency and durability guarantee the flexible shaft of the equipment moves smoothly in any circumstance, The hard and light centrifugal vibrator is provided with several massage heads with different uses. It can be applied to fat removing, weight loss, skin grinding & cleaning, relax with massage, […]