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Detox Body Slimming Pressotherapy Air Pressure Therapy Weight Loss Machine Lymph

Voltage Supply: AC220V-240V/50Hz(EU PLUG) or AC110v/60Hz (US PLUG) Power Supply: 400W Max Time: 90 mins Temp. Range:35°-80°C (Optional) Massage Parts:ARMS? WAIST? THIGHS? CALVES? FEET Massage Intensity: 1 to 7 levels, (Optional) Massage Mode:1-6 modes Machine Dimension: 45(L)30(W)20(H) Costume Size: FREE(LARGE) Net. Weight: 14KGS Packing Dimension: 563737(cm) Packing List Machine Controller:1 (set) Costume:1 (pc)(Include ARMS\WAIST\LEGS\FEET) AirPipes:1 […]

Vibrating cellulite machine fitness vibration G5 slimming machine body massage/

Massage Machine Do you want a model’s body? Say goodbye to thick arms, double chin, and fat legs. Our massage machine can effectively achieve this for you. The 5 vibration heads can be selected according to the body condition. It also can circulate and activate cells to boost metabolism, while increasing collagen and elastin fibers […]